The changed domain prices and the changed market situation, to which we are of course also subject, prompted us to take a closer look at our hosting packages.
This has led us to make the packages even more appealing. As a result, there is now more available in each changed package than before.

You can see the changed package definitions in our updated list.

Here is a brief mention of what was changed in which package:
First off, the Ultimate pack is now called the Ultimate S.

Disk Space Expansion
Starter 1000MB -> 2000MB
Basic 3500MB -> 10000MB
Professional 9000MB -> 25000MB
Business 20000MB -> 40000MB
Ultimate S 50000MB -> 75000MB

Starters 0 -> 1
Basic 1 -> 2
Professional 3 -> 4

PHP Memory Limit
Starter 32MB -> 64MB
Basic -> 64MB -> 128MB
Professional 128MB -> 192MB
Business 192MB -> 256MB

In addition, a few months ago we introduced the new web hosting package XS, which is suitable for web business cards, for example, but we didn't have to change anything about it now.
Last but not least, we have introduced 2 new packages, the packages Ultimate M and Ultimate L, which have a lot to offer and are intended for real power users.
The specifications of this and all other web hosting packages can be seen in the comparison table.