Installation or update of the Shop-Data Transfer

Here it is explained in individual steps how the installation or the update installation of our software Shop-Data Transfer or their plugins can be carried out.

  1. The first thing to check is whether the system meets the specified system requirements. These can be found on the bottom of the Software Shop-Data Transfer page in the System Requirements section.
    The system requirements for the respective plugin can be found on the associated description page, which is linked on the Software Shop-Data Transfer page.

  2. If this has been checked and if it is fulfilled, the installation package can be downloaded to the computer. This can be downloaded, for example, from the above page using the "Download Shop Data Transfer" button.

  3. The procedure can vary depending on the browser used. Here are the 2 most used ones.

    With Mozilla Firefox, depending on the browser setting
    • in the top left via Extras on Downloads and then double-click on the top file.
    • above the blue or white arrow, which looks something like this ->, and then click on the top file.

    The installation package file could be called Shop-Data_Transfer_Setup(x.x.x.x).exe .

    With Internet Explorer 11
    Shop-Data Transfer IE 11 download dialog 1
    With Internet Explorer 11, this dialog appears at the bottom of the window. Click Run to tell Internet Explorer that you want to run the file, or click Save to save the file to a selected folder.
    Shop-Data Transfer IE 11 download dialog 2
    The file is then checked for security.
    If the Windows Defender SmartScreen is deactivated, the installation starts here. If it is activated, the following dialog is displayed.
    Shop-Data Transfer IE 11 download dialog 3
    Click on "Actions" to continue.
    Shop-Data Transfer IE 11 download dialog 4
    This dialog may now appear, click here on "More options" to display all options.
    Shop-Data Transfer IE 11 download dialog 5
    Now you see all options of the Windows Defender SmartScreen, click here on "Run anyway" to start the installation. We assure you that Shop-Data Transfer will not do any damage to your computer actively.
  4. Next, a security warning like the one below may appear. If this does not appear, the installation dialog may start directly.

    Installation security warning
    Click on Run and then the installation dialog starts.
  5. If a .NET Framework 4.6.1 has not yet been installed, you will now see an installation dialog where you can install it.

    If you confirm this dialog, the .NET Framework 4.6.1 is downloaded and installed.
    Wait until the .NET Framework installation is finished.
  6. Now we come to the installation

    Shop-Data Transfer installation dialog 1
    Dialog 1: First confirm that you accept the license terms by ticking the appropriate box.
    Shop-Data Transfer installation dialog 2
    Dialog 2: Now you have the option to click directly on "Install" and continue with Dialog 6, or, if it is not an update installation or a plugin installation, click on "Advanced" and make further installation settings first.
    Shop-Data Transfer installation dialog 3
    Dialog 3: If you clicked on extended you can specify a changed data directory in the dialog that now opens. To do this, click on "Change".
    Shop-Data Transfer installation dialog 4
    Dialog 4: Now, in the opened directory structure, select the directory in which the working data should be saved. Then click OK".
    Shop-Data Transfer installation dialog 5
    Dialog 5: Now, as in dialog 2, you have the option of clicking "Install" and starting the installation, only now with a changed data directory.
    Shop-Data Transfer installation dialog 6
    Dialog 6: If the "User account control notifications when apps try to install software" is activated on your computer, this dialog is now displayed. Click "Yes" here to continue with the installation.
    Now the software will installed on your computer.
    Shop-Data Transfer installation dialog 7
    Dialog 7: Finally, the installation dialog reports that the installation was successfully completed. If you now click on "Exit" you can then start the software.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, simply send us a support ticket or a contact form.